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Camp Facilities – Marydale

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Camp Marydale

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Camp facilities include day use areas, cabin units, unit houses, overnight lodges, platform tent units, semi-primitive and tree top cabins. The dining hall and a cabin unit provide wheelchair access. Click here for fees.

Bathhouse MD



Each bathhouse includes hot showers and flushable toilets with a central hand-washing basin. Bathhouses are included in the Shady Haven and Tanglewood cabin units area.

Bathhouse MD


A Shady Haven cabin

Tanglewood units


The cabins are located in Shady Haven and Tanglewood units. Each unit includes a unit house, bathhouse and an outdoor cooking circle. Good for first time campers.

Interior of Shady Haven or Tanglewood cabins


Lodge Louise

Lodge Louise (day use)

Is an excellent craft location with electricity, sinks and fireplace. It includes a small stage, benches and tables.


Stage of Lodge Louise


Lodges (sleeping)

Bunkhouse, Lake View I & II are lodge units that include bathroom facilities and outdoor fire circles. The Bunkhouse unit has 16 beds and each Lake View units has 15 beds in each. Each unit is winterized and includes electricity and heat.  Perfect for winter camping.

Lake View

Lake View I & II camping area


Platform Tent Area

Platform Tents

The platform tents are located in Pine Bluff sleeps a total of 20 (4 tents with 4 beds and Lodge has 4 beds). The unit includes a unit house, bathhouse and an outdoor cooking circle. The walls of the tents may be rolled up to allow air circulation, or may be left down during cold weather. Good for hot and cold weather camping.

Pine Bluff lodge in the Platform Tent area

Owl's Roost

Owl’s Roost

Tree-top Cabins

Owl’s Roost is for overnight use for experienced Girl Scout Juniors – Ambassadors.

Interior of Owl’s Roost cabins

Owl’s Roost lodge

Unit House

Each unit house includes: tables and benches and sinks with hot water. The unit house in Owl’s Roost also includes a fireplace.

Interior of Owl’s Roost lodge

Camp Office

Dining Hall

Camp Office and Dining Hall

Camp Office and Dining Hall are located at the front of camp.

Interior of Dining Hall

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