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Horseback Riding

Camp Marydale

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Wrangler (age 14 and up) and
Spur (age 12-13) Training Weekend

The 2013-2014 WRANGLERS/SPURS Training Weekends are September 6-8, December 6-8, 2013 and February 14-16, May 2-4, 2014!

Wrangler Program – Girls 14 and older

Ride’em cowgirl! Would you like to share your riding skills and knowledge of horses with younger girls?  If you are 14 and older and LOVE horses, come be a part of the Girl Scout Louisiana East’s Wrangler Program.  You will be paired with adult mentors to teach Western horseback riding workshops at Camp Marydale to troops and service units.  Wranglers also help out with special weekend events such as Daisy Day, Love, Hug & Groom, and Hoof Pick Horse Camp.

How much time does it take?

Wranglers are expected to participate in at least two of the four “Wrangler Training Weekends” a year in order to maintain a level of safety in the program. This allows for current knowledge of the program and allows the wranglers to learn new skills. In order to stay “active” in the program, girls are required to participate at least two weekends a semester (August-December, January-May), excluding the Wrangler Training Weekends mentioned previously. All new Wranglers and Spurs are required to attend a training weekend before she may be placed on the schedule.

What is a Wrangler/Spur Training Weekend?

These weekends are held at Camp Marydale and are designed to improve your horsemanship skills, expose you to different equine disciplines and careers, advance in riding levels, and practice barn maintenance. You will have an opportunity to meet equine professionals such as trainers, veterinarians, and massage therapists. This weekend is designed to give you the basic skills to be successful in the Wrangler/Spur Program.

Wrangler/Spur adult volunteers are necessary for this program to succeed – please join!

As with all programs we have to have enough adults working with the girls each weekend according to Safety Activity Checkpoints: Horseback Riding.

SPURS – Girls 12-13

Are horses your thing?  If so, get ready to saddle up and learn all about your favorite animals.  If you are age 12 to 13, LOVE horses, and aren’t afraid to get dirty, get ready to take a special “behind the scenes” look at Girl Scout Louisiana East’s Wrangler Program.  Spurs will have the opportunity to “shadow” a member of the Wrangler Program to learn what it takes to be a Wrangler.

Girls who participate in the Spur Program are required to attend the New Wrangler/Spur Training Weekend before you will be allowed to attend any other weekend. The Wrangler/Spur Training Weekends will provide you with the opportunity to improve your horsemanship, riding skills, horse care, and a lot more.

*Spurs will shadow Wrangler members until they are 14, and then will be eligible to advance to the Wrangler level. It is not a requirement to be a Spur before joining the Wrangler program.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Wrangler or a Spur, contact Angela Arneal at 225-747-0403 or


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