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Water Facilities

Camp Marydale

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Camp Marydale’s aquatic facilities include: swimming pool, Lake Warriner (for canoeing), Lake Lagniappe (near Lake View cabins) and Alexander Creek (sandy creek). Click here for Fees for Facilities at Camp Marydale.

A currently certified lifeguard must be present and supervise all water activities that involve water above the knees of the participants.

An individual currently certified in Small Craft Safety must supervise all boating activities. A lifeguard and an appropriate boating instructor (two people) are necessary if an individual certified in Small Craft Safety is not secured. Current certifications issued by the YMCA and Red Cross are recognized by the council. In addition to the lifeguard or individual certified in Small Craft Safety, the troop provides one watcher for every 10 boater. When in a boat, all persons must wear personal flotation devices.

Lifeguards are secured for boating. Troops must provide adult watchers at the ratio of one adult to every 10 girls. Click here for a complete list of Fees for Activities to our camps.


Swimming Pool and bath house.

Covered area for your poolside picnics.


Canoe area

Canoeing on Lake Warriner.
Another view of Lake Warriner and the fountain.

another canoe area

Horses MD

Trails around Lake Warriner make an excellent scenery for riding horseback.
Lakeview Cabins have a great view of Lake Lagniappe.

another view

Canoe area

Alexander Creek — This sandy creek makes a great place for creating fun activities.
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