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Camp Whispering Pines

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cwp-dininghallCamping facilities include day use areas, cabin units, Troop House (slumber party), platform tent units, semi-primitive and ground tent camping sites. The dining hall and a cabin unit provide wheelchair access.A Frame Cabin

The A-frame cabins are located in Pine Hollow and Oak Ridge. Each unit sleeps 50 with five cots in each cabin. Each unit includes a unit house, latrine and two outdoor cooking circles. Good for first time campers, but cold in winter months.


cwp-handicapareaAccessible Cabin
Located in “Oak Ridge” cabin unit, this cabin provides wheelchair access. The nearby unit house includes an accessible bathroom and shower. The Camp’s Main Dining Hall also includes a wheelchair ramp.

Platform Tents

The platform tents are located in Sunny Trails, Tall Winds, Rabbit Run. Each unit sleeps 50 with five cots in each tent. Each unit includes a unit house, latrine and two outdoor cooking circles. The walls of the tents may be rolled up to allow air circulation, or may be left down during cold weather. Good for hot and cold weather camping. Lakeview is a semi-primitive platform tent unit that sleeps up to 25 campers. Lakeview does not have electricity, showers or a unit house.

The outdoor cooking circles allow for troop independence in a shared unit. If a troop brings an ice chest for perishable foods, the troop may use the cooking circle as their base without entering unit house. Each outdoor cooking circle includes two large tables, tarp, running water and food storage bin as well as a grill, shovel, bucket and rake.


Each latrine includes four hot showers and four flushable toilets with a central hand-washing basin. Lakeview, Misty Lake and Hickory Point latrines include flushable toilets and hand-washing basin only. Campers in these units may shower at the pool house.



Each unit house includes: fireplace, electric stove, refrigerator, tables and benches, sinks with hot water.

Lakeview and Misty Lake are semi-primitive areas without electricity. Lakeview has an open pavilion. Misty Lake has a unit house with word-burning stove.

Hickory Point and Blackberry Patch are ground tent camping areas that include outdoor cooking circles with tarp shelters.

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