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Lend a Hand

aspire4Remember the people and places that helped you become the person you are today? Young people in your community are searching for clues about who they are and who they can become. Why not be part of the search?

Call (504) 733-8220, (225) 927-8946,  or 1-(800) 644-7571, email, or complete the online Volunteer Interest Form.

Troop Leadership

Being a Girl Scout Troop Leader is one of the most important roles you can play. You may offer to become the primary leader of a troop, or you may split leadership responsibilities with two or three responsible people. Women are the primary leaders for all Girl Scout troops because female role models are important in Girl Scouting. Men also can take an active role in a troop as an assistant leader working in cooperation with a female leader. Troops usually meet once a week or once every two weeks. The Council provides training, guidance, a network of activities and money-earning opportunities.

Other volunteer opportunities

There are plenty of short-term volunteer opportunities available for men and women of all ages, such as special events like day camps or cookie program activities. Volunteers who help on annual or one-time events boost the Council’s potential to serve more girls in more creative ways and to keep current membership interested in returning.

What’s involved in becoming a volunteer?

The staff of the Girl Scouts Louisiana East work with women and men to match her/his skills, willingness and available time (no matter how small) to an appropriate volunteer role. Experience is not required. Volunteers who work with girls are asked to complete the adult screening process that consists of a volunteer application, background check, and reference inquiries. Volunteer training will give you the Girl Scout foundation you need. Additional courses are offered for interests, ranging from first aid to camping. There is also a network of Girl Scout volunteers and staff members to provide support and advice.

How does it benefit me?

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you have a meaningful opportunity to shape the lives of girls – yet volunteers tell us that they gain as much as they give. Here are some of the benefits they name: *Pride in accomplishment * Creative outlet * Investing in community * Personal growth and development * Sharing experience and skills * Involving family and friends * Recreation * Putting beliefs into action * Developing marketable skills.

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