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Girl Scouts Louisiana East offers everyone – from first-time campers to seasoned pro’s – an opportunity to break away from the “everyday” and experience the adventure, learning, fun and friendship of the out of doors! Camping is a vital part of the Girl Scout experience, often providing girls with their first opportunity to ride a horse, swim, or complete a challenge/ropes course.

Girl Scouts Louisiana East owns and operates three camps. There is our 600-acre Camp Whispering Pines (CWP) located in Independence, our 400-acre Camp Marydale (CMD) located 45 miles north of Baton Rouge near the rolling hills of St. Francisville, and Camp Covington (CC), a 23-acre camp purchased in 1927. Each site is unique in its own way and offers unlimited program opportunities for outdoor activities.

Camping has long been rated a favorite activity by Girl Scouts. Summer resident camp at Camp Marydale and Camp Whispering Pines provides adventure, self-esteem, leadership skills, friends, and fun for girls entering 1st through 12th grade. In the off-season each camp is available for camping by Girl Scout troops/groups and service units.

Family Camping Opportunities

Share your favorite Girl Scout camp with your family when you plan a family camping trip to Camp Covington or Camp Whispering Pines this year. Special weekends have been designated for Girl Scout families to enjoy the beauty and natural resources of these two camps at special rates.

Troop/Group and Service Unit Camping

Make memories of a lifetime by taking your troop or group camping at Camp Covington, Camp Marydale, or Camp Whispering Pines this year. You will all have a great time, and you’ll be supporting the camping program here at our council. Click here to make your reservations today.

Resident Camp

Girl Scouts Louisiana East Resident Camp is a unique place full of laughter, friendships, new discoveries, and memories for a lifetime where girls get to spend three nights, five nights, or ten nights at camp. Campers will participate in fun activities that vary based on session selection. Activities may include canoeing, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, building a raft, building a fire, Geo-caching, cooking in a box, investigating a mystery, taking pictures or taking a moonlit scavenger hunt. Click here for more information on the 2015 Summer Resident Camp Sessions.

DayCamps2Day Camps

Enjoy all the fun of camp without spending the night. Girls get a taste of camp, make new friends and learn new skills. Check out the variety of locations and specialized themes developed and delivered by our regional volunteers.

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