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2014 Incentives

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Incentives (all incentives are cumulative)

Not only does a troop earn $1 for every food item sold, $2 for every address booklet (1 per girl) completed, and 10% of the price of each magazine sold (and an extra 5% for online sales), girls also can earn some fun incentives including interolocking patches, plush animals and more! All incentives are cumulative giving girls the opportunity to earn each item as she reaches her goals.

Activity Incentive
Sell 15 nuts and candy items be active
Complete 1 Address booklet 2014-15
Send 12 emails online
Sell 3 subscriptions dive in
Sell 6 subscriptions

Mag Super Seller Patch

mag super seller

LEVEL ONE Sell $100 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions)

Water Tight Beach Box


LEVEL TWOSell $175 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions)

Elastic Headband Set


LEVEL THREE Sell $275 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Pick one item only + plus patch PLUS Goal Achiever Patchgoal achiever Small Plush Sea OtterSmallStuffedOtter
Hair Color Chalk & Glitter Stick ORHairChalkGlitter
LEVEL FOUR Sell $375 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Pick one item only Twistable Bracelet Set ORTwistableBraceletsBox T-Shirt -YS,YL,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL  Dive In Be Active Tshirt
LEVEL FIVE Sell $475 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions)Get patch and pick one additional item Super Seller Path PLUSSuper seller patch Fashion PlannerFashionPlanner
Rainbow Zipper Ruck Sack ORRainbowZipperRuckSack
LEVEL SIX Sell $575 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Pick one item only Skin It Certificate for Cell Phone Case   ORSkin It_Page_1 $20 Nutty Bucks
LEVEL SEVEN Sell $675 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Pick one item only Large Plush Sea Otter ORLargeStuffedOtter $30 Nutty Bucks
LEVEL EIGHT Sell $800 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Pick one item only Knit Beanie Kit OR Stationery Kit OR
KnitBeanieKit StationarySetPack
$40 Nutty Bucks
LEVEL NINE Sell $1,000 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions) Nutty Destination
LEVEL TEN Sell $1,500 worth of items (nuts/candy/subscriptions)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab

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