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2017 Fall Product Program


September 22 - October 22 Sale Dates

Is your Girl Scout troop interested in a money earning activity that’s easy, provides start up funds right away, and offers customers a variety of delicious yet inexpensive items to purchase? Click here to register.  The council’s Fall Product Sale of nuts, candies, magazines, and address booklets begins September 22, with a theme of Unleash Your Hero. Ashdon Farms/QSP, the licensed Girl Scout vendor, has even prepared a lot of fun activities for Girl Scouts of all ages to enjoy.

Ashdon Farms/QSP has also provided an Interactive Activities link that is a supplement to the printed Be A Reader (BAR) Activity Booklet. Click here to visit the site.

Girls earn start up money for their troop and earn cool patches and other recognitions!

The fall product sale differs from the cookie sale in that all orders are pre-paid, and there are no booth sales. The troop earns $1 for every food item sold, and 10% of the price of each magazine sold (and 15% for online sales). The family and friends sale runs September 22-October 22. Girls deliver the orders November 14-18, and since the money is pre-collected, the troop receives their proceeds immediately.  Recognitions are delivered in December.

Community Fall Product Manager Training is August 26.

Troops must be registered by September 14 for the 2018 membership year to participate in the sale. The sale is for all age levels but as always, participation in the fall product sale is entirely voluntary. Participating in a Council-sponsored product sale teaches essential business skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Care 2 Share Service Project

The community service project gives customers the option to purchase honey roasted nuts to be shipped overseas to our military troops! When a girl sells five items for the troops, she will earn a patch.

What is the QSP Program?

QSP, a division of Time Inc, sponsors a Girl Scout money earning program that promotes literacy through the sale of magazine subscriptions and books. Troops receive 10% of the price of each magazine sold (and 15% for online sales) All orders are backed by a guarantee of service by QSP. Customers do not become part of a mailing list through QSP. Any new magazine subscriptions will start 12 – 14 weeks after the orders are processed in November.

Over 1,000 magazines are offered this year, including dozens of children’s magazines. Some magazine subscriptions offer a free gift or a second year’s subscription for free. Click here to order magazines online!  (Proceeds from online orders will benefit the Girl Scouts Louisiana East.) Books round out the vast array of choices.

How it works:
Ordering/Renewing your family and friends’ favorite magazines

Your Girl Scout contacts family and friends asking them to renew or subscribe to their favorite magazines. She also has the option to contact family and friends via email through QSP’s online magazine ordering system. Your Girl Scout troop will earn Troop/Group proceeds and each girl will receive recognitions for each subscription purchased. If she sends 15 emails she’ll receive the “Online” patch. Sell three magazines and earn the “Unleash the Hero Inside!” patch.

Online Nut Store!

As part of the QSP Online Program, emails to friends and family will now include the option for customers to order, pay for and have nuts and candy delivered to their homes/business. All 25 Girl Scout nut, candy and chocolate items will be available as well as 5 gift items. Girl Scouts Louisiana East features the 16 most popular items on the order card. Troops earn proceeds for every item sold online with sales being reported on the Girl’s Online Sales Report.


Photo Keepsakes!

There’s a fun, easy way for family and friends to support Girl Scouts. Our program offers a great way to help people preserve and share their memories with personalized photo keepsakes using the photos they have stored on computers, mobile devices, Facebook and Instagram. Friends and family can now order photo keepsakes such as photo books, holiday cards, posters, calendars and more. These items can be ordered online or by using paper order forms and will be delivered directly to the customer.