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Council Delegates

Delegates, you are important! Representing Girl Scouts Louisiana East (GSLE) is an honor and a privilege. You have been selected by your peers to represent your service units and constituency.  When you accepted the nomination, you proudly stated your commitment to place the needs and desires of the council, constituency, and service unit members above your own personal interests.

It is vital that your service unit be represented at the Annual Meeting as they ensure your Girl Scouts’ voices are heard – both volunteer and girl.  Delegates are your Service Unit’s direct link to the council Board of Directors and they have the opportunity to influence the strategic direction of the council through the election of Board Members and influence on all things governance including policies which govern Girl Scout volunteers and Girl program. 

Being a Delegate does not only benefit GSLE, but you as well.  This leadership position is a wonderful way to build your resume’ and develop skills that will benefit you in other areas of your life.

Thank you for your dedication to Girl Scouts Louisiana East!

 Service Unit Delegate Training

Part of the responsibility of being a Council Service Unit Delegate is to complete Delegate Training prior to the Council Annual Meeting. Two videos (a total of 14 minutes to watch both videos) have been created to provide this training online, to be viewed by each delegate.  These videos provide information about the Girl Scout governance process and the responsibilities and opportunities for Service Unit Delegates. View the video and answer the questions that follow (a total of 15) to receive credit for this training.

SU Delegate Training Video and Questions – Part 1

SU Delegate Training Video and Questions – Part 2