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February Membership Challenge


Everyone knows February is Girl Scout Cookie Time, but it is also an excellent time to recruit new girls into Girl Scouting. Girl Scout Cookies gain lots of public recognition of Girl Scouting and is an excellent venue to recruit a few more girls. A frequently asked question at cookie booths, is “Where can I find a troop for my girl?”  If your troop is able to take the girl, that is awesome. If not, please direct them online to and the join button where they can find a local troop, or take their information and refer them to another troop within your community.

At the same time, the membership team and volunteer recruiters will be engaging in the "Driving Miss Daisy" campaign recruiting girls and volunteers in our schools without Girl Scout Daisy troops. 

Working together we can ensure that all girls, Daisy to Ambassador, seeking a Girl Scout troop have a place. 

When we register 800 additional girls during the month of February (the equivalent of 1 additional girl per troop), the following incentives will be awarded. 

Troop per Region Adding the Most Girls

In the month of February, the troop in each region who adds the largest number of girls (must be greater than 3 total girls) will receive a pizza party (value not to exceed $25; consideration given to increase amount for mega size troops). 

Add-A-Girl Troop Drawing

Every troop who adds at least one girl during February, will be entered into a regional random drawing to receive a pizza party (value not to exceed $25; consideration given to increase for mega size troops).  One party per region will be awarded.

Camp Day for Community

The Community with the largest percentage increase during the February membership drive will be entitled to a “free” Saturday at camp this summer with the council providing the program facilitators, i.e. archery, canoes, low ropes, high ropes, horses etc.  If CWP is chosen by the winning Community the date will be in July, if CMD is chosen the date will be in June.

Incentives will not be awarded if less than 800 girls are added.

Cookie Booth Business Cards available!

We have business cards with Join Girl Scouts on one side and a place for a troop to share contact information to order more cookies on the other. They are shrink wrapped in sets of 50. They will be available in both council offices.