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Girl Scouts' CWP Lake Repair Project added to state's Capital Outlay budget


Girl Scouts Louisiana East's request for $850,000 of capital outlay funding from the state to repair Camp Whispering Pines' lake valve has been added to the priority list - PRIORITY One, as an amendment which passed in the Louisiana House of Representatives, during the April 30th session. The bill will still need to get passed by the Senate, before going to the bond commission later this year, but we are thrilled to be back on the list, and at the highest priority!

Erosion is eating away at our 23-acre lake's spillway. If it does not get substantially repaired, Timber Lake could empty into the nearby Tangipahoa River and cause flooding downstream. We continue to make repairs, but much more is needed than these "band-aid" steps.

A big thank you goes to everyone who wrote letters or called the representatives on the Ways & Means committee when it was discovered last week that we had been erroneously left off the bill due to no fault of our own.  For the past fewyears, state lawmakers have approved our funding efforts and have put our lake project in the state's capital outlay. However, with little money for construction projects like ours at CWP, the funding has never made it to the camp. Historically, due to budget constraints, many projects in capital outlays do not receive their approved funding.  

We will keep you abreast of the project as it moves through the state legislature, and if more civic engagement is needed, we will let you know! 

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