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Volunteer Toolkit down for annual maintenance


The Volunteer Toolkit is currently down for its annually scheduled maintenance and will be back online Thursday, July 12, 2018 to help you prepare for the Fall, 2018-19 “Back to Troop” season. Here’s what you can expect when VTK is back online:

New! “Explore Tab”: The new “Explore” tab lets you “Select your own” or use “Pre-selected Tracks” to jump start the Year Plan for your troop. New badge and award visuals let you see what your girls will earn. 

New! Badge Tracks: Several new badge tracks have been added across all grade levels.   

New! Badge Requirements: Badge images are now active buttons that show you the requirements and steps to earn each badge. 

New! Program Content: New Badge and STEM Journeys across all grade levels, now including Cadette through Ambassador, and Multi-Level 6-12!

Are you looking to submit your Troop Finance Report? You’ll be able to continue working through your form when VTK is back online July 12!