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2020 Spring Renewal Is Underway


Spring renewal got underway on April 1 with 664 girls renewing their Girl Scout membership – an increase of 71% over opening day for 2019 Spring Renewal. Way to go!

All girls members registered on Opening Day will receive the Spring Renewal patch and an invitation to register for two special events: the B.I.G. Event held on September 28 at LSU and another event that is still in the works with more details released soon. The troop may earn additional membership year 2020 cookie program proceeds.

Additional Opening Day Exclusives

First Troop in each Region to renew 100% of their girl members plus at least two leadership team members will receive $50 shop credit! The competition was fierce with only minutes between the first and next troops to register.

The winners are:

Region 1               Troop 10341

Region 2               Troop 20772

Region 3               Troop 30073

Region 4               Troop 40035

The Service Unit in each Region with the highest percentage increase in girl renewal will receive $50 to be used for either girl program or volunteer appreciation.

The winners are:

Region 1               Service Unit 110

Region 2               Service Unit 267

Region 3               Service Unit 379

Region 4               tie between Service Unit 408 and Service Unit 435 - $25 will go to each

Congratulations to all!

Spring Renewal continues through May 15. Don’t miss out on added cookie profits, invites to register for 2 special events and a patch for the first 3,000 registered girls. Register today!