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Building Today’s Leaders

RepHollis Sarah GregoGirl Scouting is the premier leadership development program for girls. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience is designed to help girls discover themselves and their values, connect and team with others, and take action to make the world a better place. Activities are girl led, encourage learning by doing (experiential learning), and cooperative learning to ensure the quality and promote the fun and friendship integral to Girl Scouting.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience reflects the ever-changing needs and interests of participating girls. It provides girls with a wide variety of leadership opportunities available in Girl Scout journeys, books, awards, websites, as well as other resources. The program encourages increased skill-building and responsibility, and promotes the development of strong leadership and decision-making skills.

Girl Scouts Louisiana East serves girls in housing developments, rural areas, and recently implemented a Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program for girls and their incarcerated mothers.

Girl Scout Louisiana East has developed several areas of focus in addition to girls and leadership, including

  • encouraging Healthy Living among Girls,
  • increasing Girls’ involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and 
  • increasing Financial Literacy.

Encouraging Healthy Living Among Girls

Through our program experience and research, Girl Scouts has a unique understanding of the complex issue of healthy living and what motivates girls to adopt healthy lifestyles. Not only does this mean grappling with issues such as childhood obesity and low self-esteem, but there are a wide range of related and overlooked issues, such as relational aggression and cyberbullying, healthy media images and eating disorders, that directly and disproportionately affect girls’ health.

With more than 60 healthy living-related badges and a historic emphasis on health in the Girl Scout experience, girls are educated and empowered to take action to strengthen their physical and emotional health and positively impact their communities and the world. Additionally, the Girl Scout Research Institute report, The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living, tells us that girls believe health combines good nutrition and physical fitness with emotional and social well-being.

Increasing Girls’ Involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Around 3rd grade, girls begin to lose interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). As they age, the100_3703 problem only gets worse – the percentage of girls who say they would not study math anymore given the choice increases from 9% to 50% in the years between 4th and 12th grades. As a result, women are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields – at a time when our country needs all the scientists and engineers it can educate. With more than 70 badges and patches and a journey program entitled, It’s Your Planet – Love It!, focused on STEM-related activities, Girl Scouts are encouraged to explore many possibilities in STEM-related fields.

Improving Financial Literacy

The world’s current economic challenges have made one thing clear: Financial literacy skills matter now more than ever. With youth controlling more than $172 billion in spending, and one in three carrying a credit card, we must ensure that all youth – including girls – have the information they need to properly save, spend, budget, and invest.  However, there’s a gap when it comes to teaching young people the skills they need. Even the financial literacy programs that are available don’t start early enough—experts say that young people need to start learning about money as early as kindergarten.

In addition to providing its very successful Girl Scout Cookie Program and Cookie Business Curriculum, Girl Scouts is partnering with other organizations to expand its financial literacy curriculum. Organizations like Junior Achievement and First Bank and Trust, are joining with Girl Scouts to provide and facilitate a variety of skill-building workshops for girls as well as adult leaders.

Girl Scouts and Faith

Girl Scouts are united by a belief in God. Since its founding in 1912, Girl Scouts has enjoyed the support of religious catholicorganizations. Together we have enriched the spiritual lives of Girl Scout members, each of whom strives from the perspective of their own personal belief to live up to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Many religious organizations develop and administer religious award programs especially for Girl Scouts. Because of this powerful partnership, Girl Scouts have become stronger members of their own faith, and girls from every faith have felt welcome in Girl Scouting.  For more information, visit our Girl Scouts and Faith page.

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