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Join our Girl Scout Recruiter Corps


In the face of the increased competition for girls’ time, we need an army of volunteers and girls dedicated to the movement and willing to share their story. 

Every girl and adult volunteer can join the GSLE Recruiter Corps and earn recognitions for their efforts.  Girls will earn the exclusive GSLE Recruiter Corps patch the first year they complete requirements by Posting, Promoting and Partying like a G.I.R. L. and patch bars in subsequent years.  It is so simple – just complete two or more requirements from "Promote" and one or more from both "Post" and "Party." 


Girl Requirements

1. Post

Complete 1 or More Posts with Adult Guidance or as a Troop

Create social media posts using #inspirealeader, #inspireatroop, and #inspireagirlscout to inspire new troops to form and new girls to join, and reference the webpage, Sample posts can be found here.

Create and share a list of the ways in which Girl Scouts has positively impacted your life and/or your daughter’s life. Share it on social media with a direct invitation to others to lead or join! - Troop Leadership Team or Parents  on behalf of their Girl Scout(s)

Have the girls in your troop make a list of why they love their leaders, and tag friends and parents who might like to lead. Let them know you think they would be a great leader!

Post a photo of you or your troop engaged in Girl Scouts.

Share a quote or special Girl Scout moment.

Note:  Promotional materials (flyers, stickers, etc.) can take up to 7 business days to produce.  Please request at least 2 weeks in advance.

2. Promote

Complete 2 or More

Wear Girl Scout uniforms and host a cafeteria rally. Girls showcase a quick song or shout out at lunchtime and pass out Girl Scout flyers or invitations. Contact us for printed copies.*

Ask for permission to make an all-school announcement. Here is a chance for you to create your own 30 second commercial about the great experiences you’ve had in Girl Scouts.

Host a two-day Girl Scout info table at lunch or after school. On day one, give girls an information card. When they fill it out and bring it back the next day, give them a sticker. Contact us for cards and stickers.*

Design a creative lawn sign or large poster and display it in your yard, at your school or somewhere in your neighborhood where it will be seen by lots of girls and parents. (Make sure to ask permission first!)

Show up as a troop to a local community event. Rock your uniforms and hand out Girl Scout flyers. Contact us for printed flyers.*

We know you have great ideas on how you can spread the word about the awesomeness of Girl Scouts! Go for it and when you are done, tell us all about it.

Note:  Promotional materials (flyers, stickers, etc.) can take up to 7 business days to produce.  Please request at least 2 weeks in advance.

3. Party

Complete 1 or More

Show your Girl Scout Love at your school’s Open House, Meet the Teacher or PTA. Wear your uniform, pass out flyers, and answer questions. Contact us and we will provide you with handouts!

Help with a Girl Scout Recruitment Event! Wear your uniform, teach new girls the Girl Scout Promise and Law, create SWAPS, or talk to parents about why Girl Scouts is so great! You can even create a collage with the girls so they can see how much fun they can have.

Invite friends, classmates, and neighbors who aren’t yet members of Girl Scouts to attend a troop meeting or activity for a taste of what Girl Scouts is all about. Be sure to contact us ahead of time to order information cards, flyers, and whatever else you need to distribute to potential leaders.*

Host a table in the community. Consider setting up an info booth at your place of worship, local sports sign-up day, or another large community event.

Host a recruitment-focused service unit event.  Work with your service unit administrator and team to add a recruitment component to existing fall service unit events or develop a new event where girls and their parents can come to experience the fun and find out more about joining.  Contact us for flyers, stickers and items for potential volunteers.

We know you have great ideas on how to recruit Girl Scouts!. Go for it and when you are done, tell us all about it.

Note:  Promotional materials (flyers, stickers, etc.) can take up to 7 business days to produce.  Please request at least 2 weeks in advance.



Adult Requirements

Do This Earn That
Attend Recruiter Training (in-person or online) and be appointed a Recruiter Patch or patch bar
Party – complete one activity from the girl Party requirements or assist at a Girl Scout recruitment event Patch or patch bar
Conduct 1 Girl Scout Recruitment as the lead or co-lead Recruiter Exclusive Recruiter Tote Bag
Recruit 1 new troop* Exclusive Recruiter Shirt
Recruit 2 new troops* Exclusive Recruiter File Box to carry your recruitment materials
Recruit 3 new troops* Exclusive Recruiter Rolling Cart to carry your recruitment materials

*Troop is defined as two approved troop leadership team members (completed registration, background check, and orientation, and at least 5 registered girls.  

Incentives will be provided free as a thank you annually in January and July after submission of recruitment report by November 15 and May 15 deadlines. Complete the Girl Recruitment Report for troops and individual girls. Patches for adults who participated in the Party requirement only may be requested on the Girl Recruitment Report.  For all other adult recruitment activities, individual adults should complete the Adult Recruitment Report.

Final patch designs may vary.