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Wrangler/Spur Training Weekend--September 10-12, 2021

Fri Sep 10, 6:00 PM - Sun Sep 12, 4:00 PM CDT
Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers, Cadettes

This training at Camp Marydale is open to girls 12+ years old who are interested in joining the Wrangler/Spur Program regardless of experience. You will learn policies and procedures necessary in the program and then head to the barn for hands-on training with our horses that will help you succeed the first time you volunteer. Adults who are interested in volunteering in the program must also attend an orientation session prior to volunteering. The training weekend is for all members to come and learn about new procedures and gain new experience!

After the completion of an orientation, girls are registered in the Wrangler/Spur Program and will be volunteering at camp throughout the year.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Wrangler or a Spur, email