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Juliette Gordon Low Society
Creating a Legacy

If helping girls grow up with courage, confidence, and character, to make the world a better place is exciting to you; if you love watching girls develop into tomorrow’s leaders; if you want a safe place for young people to learn and make friends in a girl-focused, girl-driven, girl-only environment; than you understand the importance of Girl Scouts.

Your foresight and planning helps ensure that generations to come will be a part of an organization that shares the values that are most important to you. When you remember Girl Scouts Louisiana East in your estate planning, you become a member of the Juliette Gordon Low Society. As a member, you not only create a legacy, you can also reduce your current or future tax burden, increase your income, and meet your own personal and financial objectives.*

Making a planned gift does not require great wealth, and Girl Scouts Louisiana East will work with you and your tax or estate planner to help determine which type of gift is best for you. Below are a few planned giving options to discuss with your tax advisor or estate planner.

A bequest to Girl Scouts Louisiana East is as simple as an amendment (codicil) to your will stating your intentions to leave a gift to the council.

Two trusts that individuals often consider in their estate planning can be used to benefit Girl Scouts Louisiana East. One is the charitable remainder trust and the other is a charitable lead trust.

Charitable Remainder Trust
When an individual establishes a charitable remainder trust, he or she irrevocably transfers money, securities or other assets to a trust that pays the individual an income for life or for a period of years. The trust can also pay an income to another beneficiary. In addition, the donor may also enjoy a current income tax deduction. At the death of the surviving beneficiary, the remaining principal in the trust goes to Girl Scouts Louisiana East.

Charitable Lead Trust
A charitable lead trust pays an income to Girl Scouts Louisiana East for a specific length of time then leaves the remainder of the trust to designated beneficiaries, usually family members. The purpose of the charitable lead trust is to reduce taxes on the estate of the deceased while maintaining the family’s control of the estate’s assets.

Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable gift annuities, like charitable remainder trusts, are life-income gifts. You transfer assets now, receiving a charitable deduction for a portion of the transfer and you, or a beneficiary, receives income for life or a fixed period of time. With a charitable gift annuity, you make a gift to Girl Scouts Louisiana East, and Girl Scouts Louisiana East agrees to pay you a fixed amount of income every year.

A gift of stock allows you to claim the market value of the stock as a tax deduction, which is usually more than the actual amount paid for the share. You may also avoid capital gains taxes on the profit, however, everyone’s situation is unique; we encourage you to discuss the advantages with your financial advisor.

To give a gift of stock, contact your broker and request a transfer of securities to Girl Scouts Louisiana East. Your broker will work with the council to make the transaction.

Life Insurance
Girl Scouts Louisiana East accepts gifts of life insurance. Give an existing policy that is no longer needed for your family or purchase a new life insurance policy, naming the council as beneficiary. A gift of life insurance provides tax advantages, which your financial advisor can explain.

Retirement Plans
Retirement plans, when passed on to heirs, can incur as much 60 percent or higher in taxes, because this asset could face double taxation. Not only is the amount of the plan reduced by estate taxes, but the recipient must also pay income taxes on the plan.

If you plan to make a legacy gift to Girl Scouts Louisiana East, consider naming us the beneficiary of your IRA, 401(k), pension or other retirement plan and leaving other assets to your family.

*The information provided in this article is general in nature and is not intended to be tax or legal advice applying to your specific situation. You should seek information from a qualified professional advisor when considering a planned gift.

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