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Fall Product Program

2018 Fall Product Program Dates are September 21-October 21!

Register for Service Unit Fall Product Program Manager Training on August 25!

A big thank you to the Girl Scouts who participated in this year’s Fall Product Program.  It was a great success!  This program helps girls set and achieve goals at the beginning of the Girl Scout year by selling nuts and candy, magazines, and photo keepsakes. This sale comes at the perfect time of year, since all of the products sold are delivered in November, making them fantastic stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbors and anyone else on your list! Girl recognitions are delivered in December.

The fall product sale differs from the cookie sale in that all orders are pre-paid, and there are no booth sales. The troop earns $1 for every food item sold, and 10% of the price of each magazine sold (and 15% for online sales). The family and friends sale runs annually in late September through October.

Girls earn start up money for their troop and earn cool patches and other recognitions!

Nutty Destinations

Nutty Destinations is an award program for girls who participated and sold $1,000 of Fall Product in the 2017 Fall Product Program. Girl Scouts Louisiana East formed partnerships with local vendors, civic institutions and businesses to say “Thank You” to the girls and their families for their hard work and dedication to the Fall Product Program. Girls can choose their reward from 10+ opportunities; there’s lots of variety, so there’s sure to be something for everyone!