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FAQ for Parents

How much will it cost?

There is an annual $15 national registration fee, which is sent to the Girl Scouts of the USA national headquarters in New York City. These funds are used to develop programs, provide materials, and underwrite accident insurance for members.

The local council office does not retain any part of these registration fees. Financial assistance for the membership fee is available at the local council level.

In addition to the annual registration fee, there may be on occasion Troop fees that Leaders ask parents for to help pay for the operational costs of the troop or for special field trips. The amount varies depending on the desired activities. Troops are encouraged to fund troop activities through participation in money-earning activities such as the Cookie Program or the fall Nuts and Candy Sale. Beyond keeping costs down for parents/guardians, these programs contribute to the girls experience by teaching them valuable lessons about business, goal setting, budgeting and interpersonal skills.

Troop dues are small amounts of money collected by the Troop on a regular basis. The girls are the ones who decide what amount is needed and how they wish to use their troop funds. Through dues, the girls learn to plan, budget and manage money.

Does my girl have to participate in Product Program Activities such as the Cookie Program?

Participation in the Product Sales is strictly voluntary and is contingent upon parent/guardian’s written permission.

Do I have to join Girl Scouts as a Parent?

Girl Scout membership is voluntary; however by becoming a member, you as a parent will also receive the benefits of membership, particularly the insurance.

How am I expected to help the Troop Leader?

Leaders are instructed to explain to each parent what their expectations are for help with the troop. It may be bringing a snack, helping at a meeting, helping with field trips or helping with communication to other parents. In any case the LEAST a parent needs to do is to: get her/his daughter to the troop meetings on time, pick her up on time, sign the permission slips for field trips and stay in communication with the leader. Please notify the leader if your daughter will be absent from a meeting or activity, and let the leader know if there is a custody issue she should know about for release of your daughter from troop/group meetings and activities.

What else can I do to help my leaders?

Support your Girl Scout leaders and appreciate the time they have put into volunteering to make Girl Scouting happen. Attend troop functions when invited so you may see the achievements of your Girl Scout and share special experiences with her, as well as with other girls and adults. 

How do I know that my daughter will be safe?

Each Leader and Assistant Leader must have completed a volunteer application process and been approved before they can meet with the girls. In addition, each leader takes New Leader Orientation and then at least two other adult learning classes including Leadership Essentials. Leaders are trained to follow the guidelines in Volunteer Essentials, and abide by the Safety Activity Checkpoints.


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