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Girl Scout Pathways

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There are more ways for girls to participate in Girl Scouts than ever! We call them Pathways, and they include troop, camp, events, series, travel, and virtual. They were developed nationally by matching grade-level preferences and availability with flexible options. Girl Scout Pathways are how we deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to all girls supported by a comprehensive model of volunteerism—it is our delivery system and internal way of organizing our program offerings.

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Troop Pathway

The Troop Pathway offers the same group of girls the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, usually over a span of nine to 12 months. Girls may join at any time during the troop year. Note: A troop that also goes camping or travels as a group is still operating in the Troop Pathway (not the Camp or Travel Pathways).

Camp Pathway

The Camp Pathway allows girls to participate in the outdoors and/or focus on environmental education. Day and weekend camping is offered during the school year while resident camp is generally offered during the summer months. Going to a camp is one of the most popular and recognized aspects of Girl Scouts. For many girls, camp is the first opportunity they have to experience archery, fishing, ropes course, horseback riding, and star gazing. The Camp Pathway is available to any girl regardless of previous Girl Scout involvement.

Series Pathway

The Series Pathway gives girls the opportunity to explore a specific theme or topic without making a long-term commitment or joining a troop.  Each girl chooses to participate in the entire series as a complete program package; series offerings may be short term (for example, six days of two-hour daily meetings) or longer term (such as meeting every two weeks for 12 weeks) but always is shorter than an academic year. One example of a Series Pathway is participation in the council’s First Lego League robotic team competition.  Note: Series offerings may require a pre-requisite to participate from session to session, because girls build on the skills learned at each session.

Events Pathway

The Events Pathway is for Girl Scouts who like to pick and choose from a menu of events that interest them. Events are stand-alone program offerings; examples might include a career event for Seniors and Ambassadors, or a leadership conference for teenage Girl Scouts. The primary difference between events and all other pathways is that different girls participate in each event, as opposed to one group of girls coming together regularly. The Events Pathway is available to any girl regardless of previous Girl Scout involvement.

Travel Pathway

Every girl deserves a chance to see the world. Girl Scouts offers many different travel opportunities so girls can see new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and ideas. Whether exploring their own neighborhoods, or flying to one of the four world centers, Girl Scouts are continually expanding their horizons.  The Travel Pathway presents girls with opportunities to prepare, plan, money-earn, and participate in travel opportunities through group travel, council-sponsored trips, or nationally sponsored excursions. The Travel Pathway also facilitates appropriate progression; for example, younger girls participate in short, local trips to prepare them for longer, international trips as they progress through grade levels. You do not meed to be a member of a troop to participate in any Travel Pathway.

Virtual Pathway

The Virtual Pathway, when completed, will provide girls with a secure online community in which they may participate regardless of geographic location. Currently, girls may enjoy games, badges, and more by accessing the website.

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