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aspire3Who do you want the girl in your life to become? Whether she is 5 or 17, you want her to become self-confident, strong, and compassionate. You want her to respect herself and others, make good decisions, be open to new challenges, and use her skills and talents to make her world a better place. You want her to build strong friendships, be a leader, and put her values into practice in her everyday life.

You want her to become her best self.

Social pressure, image issues, and uncertain security—there are so many potential hurdles to girls’ well-being. For over 100 years, Girl Scouts has been helping girls realize their full potential and everything that the Girl Scout Leadership Experience provides.

How do I get my daughter involved in Girl Scouting?

PathwayWheelThere are more ways to participate in Girl Scouting than ever. Your daughter could join a traditional volunteer-led Troop which offers the same group of girls the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities. The Camp Pathway allows girls to participate in the outdoors and/or focus on nature and the environment. The Events Pathway is for girls who like to pick and choose from a menu of stand-alone events that interest them. The Series Pathway gives girls the opportunity to explore a specific theme or topic without making a long-term commitment. The Travel Pathway give girls different opportunities to visit new places, meet new people, and learn about different cultures and ideas.

You can register her online using our eBiz membership system today, but if you’d like more information, a Membership Executive in your area is available to help you review all options.  Call 1-(800) 644-7571 council-wide, (504) 733-8220 in the New Orleans metro area, (225) 927-8946 in the Baton Rouge area, or email for more information.                  OR
 Click here to find your Membership Executive (ME) to get started.

What level would my daughter be in?

Kindergarten & Grade 1

Girl Scout Daisies participate in age appropriate events, and start to expand their knowledge of nature, science, the arts, and their communities. They learn in an inclusive, nurturing environment with at least two adult leaders. Daisies earn “Learning Petals” for achievement in Girl Scout programming, and can also receive patches for participation in events. 

Grades 2 & 3

Girl Scout Brownies explore their community, develop friendships, and participate in fun activities. They also earn Brownie “Try-Its,” awards that symbolize the completion of various learning and participation activities. Brownies are also encouraged to take field trips and explore their environments and community. They could go to the local zoo, march in a community parade, or plan an overnight trip.

Grades 4 & 5

Girl Scout Juniors discover what Girl Power is all about. As a Girl Scout Junior, girls start to plan their own events and outings, earn badges with more rigorous requirements, and explore their world in partnership with their leaders. 

Grades 6, 7 & 8,
Grades 9 & 10,
Grades 11 & 12
Girl Scout Cadettes (grades 6-8), Seniors (grades 9-10) and Ambassadors (grades 11-12) participate in Girl Scouting in many ways. Under the guidance of a trained adult advisor, girls mix and match activities and resources to suit their needs while giving back to their communities. They can choose to complete service projects, and earn advanced awards such as the Silver and Gold Awards. They set their own goals, gain life experience, and build self esteem and confidence while working with other girls and adult role models. 

FAQ for Parents

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