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Wrangler/Spur Program

If you are age 14 or older and LOVE horses, come be a part of the Girl Scout Louisiana East’s Wrangler Program.  You will be paired with adult mentors to teach Western horseback riding workshops at Camp Marydale to troops and service units.  Wranglers also help out with special weekend events such as Love, Hug & Groom, and Hoof Pick Horse Camp.

Our Spurs are girls, ages 12 and up, who shadow the Wranglers to learn what it takes to be a Wrangler, and help, as well. Once Spurs are 14 they are eligible to advance to the Wrangler level. It is not a requirement to be a Spur before joining the Wrangler program.


How much time does it take?

Wranglers and Spurs are expected to participate in at least two of the three “Wrangler/Spur Program Training Weekends” a year (August-May) in order to maintain a level of safety in the program. This allows for current knowledge of the program and allows the Wranglers to learn new skills. In order to stay “active” in the program, girls are required to participate at least two weekends a semester (August-December, January-May), excluding the Wrangler/Spur Training Weekends mentioned previously. All new Wranglers and Spurs are required to attend a program orientation before she may be placed on the schedule.

Wrangler/Spur adult volunteers are necessary for this program to succeed – please join! As with all programs we have to have enough adults working with the girls each weekend according to Safety Activity Checkpoints: Horseback Riding.


Wrangler/Spur Program Orientation

This half-day training at Camp Marydale is opened to girls 12+ years old who are interested in joining the Wrangler/Spur Program regardless of experience. You will learn policies and procedures necessary in the program and meet current Wranglers, Spurs, adults, and the horses. Adults who are interested in volunteering in the program must also attend an orientation session prior to volunteering. The next Wrangler/Spur Program Orientations are on the calendar. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Wrangler or a Spur, contact Lauren Vance at 225-747-0403 or