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Steps to become a GSLE Volunteer.

Welcome to the Girl Scouts Louisiana East and thank you for being an important part of a preeminent leadership development organization for girls worldwide. You are part of a sisterhood who believes in the power of every G.I.R.L. ( Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™ to change the world.

No special skills are needed by you to become a troop leader other than passion and a belief that Girls Scouts can make a difference in the lives of girls and the world.

Complete these steps:

1. Complete Girl Scout membership registration ($25 annual dues)

To get started, go to and press the green Volunteer Today button. Fill out some key information about you and include your current zip code. You will then be taken to an online catalog of troops with volunteer roles near you. If you don't find exactly what you want within a 5 mile radius, try changing the radius to 10 miles or more.

If you want to start a troop, choose  I Want to Start a Troop in the search box, along with your zip code. When you find the option, click on the box next to it and click next. Once registered you will be contacted by an External Recruiting Specialist for support. 

2. Complete background check from Asurint.

Background checks are good for three years, and if you drive girls, they will include a Motor Vehicle Report.  The background check fee package is as follows: 

  • Volunteers who don’t drive girls (residing outside Orleans Parish): $6.25 for three-year period; 
  • Volunteers who drive girls (residing outside Orleans Parish): $25.25 which includes the $6.25 package fee, an additional $1 MVR processing fee, and the $18 Louisiana Motor Vehicle Report. 
  • Orleans Parish volunteers who don’t drive girls: $16.25 for three-year period, which includes the $6.25 package, and $10 Orleans Parish court fee. 
  • Orleans Parish volunteers who drive girls: $35.25, which includes the $6.25 package, $10 Orleans Parish court fee, $1 MVR processing fee, and $18 La Motor Vehicle Report.

The cost of background checks is reimbursable from troop funds, with a recommended two-person maximum.

3. Welcome emails from Membership Development Specialist

4. Schedule your in-person Volunteer Orientation with your Service Unit Admin or the council's Membership Department

Volunteer to work directly or indirectly with girls, i.e. Troop Leaders, Camp, Series, Event, Travel or Virtual Pathway Volunteers.

Volunteer Orientation - orientation with a volunteer (Coach or Service Unit Administrator) or staff member (Membership Development Specialist), focusing on getting your new troop started. 

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5. Complete Leadership Training

At Girl Scouts Louisiana East we want to prepare our adult leaders to facilitate learning for the girls the best way possible. We hope to tap into your special talents and abilities to create a wonderful experience for you and the girls. Pre-registration is required for all courses, and only currently registered members of Girl Scouts of the USA may participate in adult learning sessions.

Volunteer as a Troop Leader, Assistant Troop Leader, Camp, Series, Event, Travel or Virtual Pathway Volunteer directly mentoring girls.

Successful Leader Learning Series - Through this on-line course, troop leaders will receive an introduction to Girl Scouts and gain insight into how Successful Girl Scout Leaders:  —Incorporate the 'Girl Scout Way' into thoughts and actions, —Know and apply GSLE when working with their troop to develop G.I.R.L.s, —Create a safe, inclusive, girl-led space which embraces troop diversity, —Understand and execute council specific guidelines around troop operations, —Begin guiding their troop into outdoor activities. 

  • Modules 1-4 should be completed within 60 days of starting the troop/group meetings.

  • Module 5 (Getting Your Troop Outdoors) should be completed when you begin to think about planning your first camping trip.

Take a troop/group on an outing. Must be a registered and screened adult volunteer.

First Aid & Adult/Child CPR/AED (Level I First Aid) consists of hands-on, lecture and visual information on administering CPR and first aid to adults and children.*required of at least one adult volunteer working with a troop or group.  Does not have to be the troop or assistant troop leader. Must be completed within 60 days of starting the troop.


Required for at least ONE volunteer per troop and should be completed once every three (3) years.

Darkness to Light® Stewards of Children™ Online Training

A revolutionary sexual abuse prevention training program that educates adults to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The program believes and teaches that child safety is an adult’s job. The program is designed for organizations that serve children and youth and offers training on the 7 Steps for Protecting Children from sexual abuse.

This training is not produced by Girl Scouts of the USA or GSLE.  It is required by all volunteers working with children by the State of Louisiana.

Volunteers should go the Darkness to Light website to complete the training.  There is a cost of $10 that must be paid via credit card.  Once finished, print a copy of their certificate and submit to the Community Administrator, Troop Support Specialist or directly to GSLE Headquarters or Regional Office.  The training can be done at your pace and on your schedule.  Fee is fully reimbursable from troop funds.

Take a troop/group on a day or overnight camping and/or outdoor cooking experience. Must be a registered and screened adult volunteer

Camping Skills

  • Camp Prep & Paperwork – e learning online session getting you ready for your camp session.

  • Camp Ready – e learning online session ensuring your troop/group is ready to camp

  • Basic Camping-overnight at Council campsite or approved outdoor site.

  • *required of at least one adult volunteer working with a troop or group before planning a day outing with a cookout or a camping trip. Does not have to be the troop or assistant troop leader. Must be completed at least 60 days prior to outing.

Gain more knowledge and skills while working directly or indirectly with girls.

Any or all of our Enrichment Courses offered throughout the year: Take Action, Advanced Outdoor Cooking, Geocaching……and more!

6. Connect and meet with co-leaders

Facilitate Parent/Caregiver Introduction Meeting: 

  •  Connect and meet with co-leaders
  •  Connect and join SU monthly meetings

Suggestions for connecting & meeting with co-leader(s).
Review “Top 20 Questions to Ask Your Co-Leader.”

New Leader FAQs
Must I be a parent to be a troop leader?

No. We welcome all interested adults, ages 18 and older, to apply as Girl Scout volunteers. Girl Scouts is volunteer-driven, and we need everyone's help. We currently have Girl Scout leaders who are community leaders, senior citizens, college students and others who don't currently have daughters who are Girl Scouts.

How much time does it take to be a troop leader?

The troop leader decides how often meetings take place, as well as when meetings take place. Troops can meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly; after school, in the evenings or on weekends. 

How long am I committed to being a Girl Scout leader?

A leader is appointed for one year. We encourage leaders to extend that year if they desire.

I wasn't a Girl Scout, what do I need to know?

Training is provided to help all new leaders understand the Girl Scout philosophy, policies and procedures. Training covers materials and information needed to begin troop meeting and activities. In addition, a council e-newsletter keeps volunteers up-to-date and we're sharing ideas and fun on Facebook

Is volunteer training provided?

Yes! Web-based, self-study and face-to-face trainings are available throughout the calendar year and council geography. Register for trainings.

Will someone be helping me start a Girl Scout troop?

As a volunteer, you can count on help from a variety of people. Staff from your area will be available to answer questions, help recruit girls and assist with finding a meeting place, if needed. Local volunteers from your community, organized into a service unit are also key to getting your troop off the ground. These local volunteers are often great examples of the good things that Girl Scouts accomplish. Regular service unit meetings are held throughout the school year, so there are many opportunities to meet other Girl Scout volunteers in your area, as well as interface with your Membership Development Specialist.

What help will parents give?

There are many roles that parents can play in assisting troop leaders. Parents can help with regular meetings, organize the fall product or cookie sales, drive girls to and from field trips, serve as First Aid/CPR trained adults on trips, manage the troop treasury, etc. If you can ask, parents can do it!

How much does it cost to join Girl Scouts, and where do finances come from to start a troop?

The annual membership fee for Girl Scouts is $25/person. The membership fee goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) at our national headquarters, where it is used for program development, activity insurance and management to support councils. The annual fall product program and Girl Scout Cookie program support troop finances, and all troops are strongly encouraged to participate in these programs to generate troop funds.

Who decides how many girls are in a troop?

Troop size is often determined by the size of the meeting space and the number of adults working with a troop. The recommended size a troop at each age level is as follows: 5-15 Daisies, 10-25 Brownies, 10-30 Juniors, 5-30 Cadettes, and 5-30 Seniors and Ambassadors. 

Does Girl Scouts run background checks on volunteers?

Yes. Protecting our girl members is a top priority, and screenings and background checks are integral parts of our due diligence process and procedure.

Do I have to become a registered Girl Scout to volunteer?

Yes, adults who work with girls as troop leaders, co-leaders and volunteers must register as Girl Scout members. Registration is easy with our online system. Financial assistance is available. 

Where can I find information and materials on what to do with girls?

Girl planning makes Girl Scouts unique. Girls are empowered to choose their own activities and programs with the guidance of their adult leaders. GSUSA publishes nationally consistent materials for troops to use. These materials help troop leaders direct troop activities, while also ensuring that girls get the full benefit of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.