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Service Unit & Regional Team Courses

Service Unit and Regional Team Courses

The service unit team is the primary support for the geographic community. A solid support system and shared responsibilities make any service unit function more smoothly – and make the service unit administrator’s position easier! The following is a listing of courses for members of the service unit team.

Click on the links below for course descriptions:

Service Unit Administrator

The service unit administrator is the chief administrator of the service unit.  She/he delegates specific duties to the assistant service unit administrator(s) and appoints and directs the service unit team. To help carry out their general responsibilities, as well as more specific tasks, the service unit administrator appoints other volunteers to the service unit team.

Bring: Pen and Training Card
Fee: None
Capacity:  Minimum 5/ Maximum 20

Service Unit Coach

These valuable adults are the first line of support to troop leaders/advisors.  Coaches may be assigned by grade levels, schools, program levels, geographic areas, or to groups such as individually registered members.  Coaches help leaders/advisors grow and find satisfaction in their work with girls. They help new leaders/advisors get started, supply experienced leaders/advisors with additional resources, give input to the service unit team, spot potential problems and share information.

Bring: Pen and Training Card
Fee: None
Capacity:  Minimum 5/ Maximum 20


Recruiters are “The Girl Scout Lady (or Guy)” at the school(s) they are responsible for ensuring has a strong Girl Scout program. The recruiter develops new troops through the recruitment of girls, parents, and volunteers. Primary tasks include developing and maintaining a positive relationship with school administration; requesting & distributing marketing materials; scheduling & hosting girl rallies and Girl Scout Information Nights. The recruiter toolkit provides step by step instructions for hosting a successful Girl Scout Information Night making it a breeze for those passionate about Girl Scouting to recruit others to join them.

To complete the online training, review the toolkit, complete the online questionnaire and submit the completed position description to your service unit administrator.

Service Unit Annual Giving Chair

For Service Unit Annual Giving Chair, Service Unit Administrator, or Representative from Service Unit.

The Annual Family Giving campaign offers family, friends and neighbors of Girl Scouts the opportunity to invest in their daughters’ future and the future of Girl Scouting.  The annual fundraising campaign provides valuable unrestricted support that underwrites programs and projects throughout southeast Louisiana.

This kick-off/training will teach you how to plan a Community ask event in order to reach your Annual Family Giving Campaign Goal. We will have food, raffles, and roundtable discussions led by volunteers from all regions on ways to reach your Service Unit Giving Goal.

Staff Contact: Madeleine Smith   at 504-733-8220 ext 2245.

Service Unit Publicity Representative

Learn how to initiate, handle, and coordinate publicity efforts with community newspapers and/or radio stations. Promote service unit and troop activities. Offer local support to publicity generated by the Girl Scout council’s Communications department for council-wide events. Promote the positive image of Girl Scouts as the premier voice for girls and leading expert on their development into leaders.

Bring: Pen and Training Card
Fee: None
Capacity:  Minimum 2/Maximum 15
Contact: Ashton Guidry at or 504-733-8220, ext. 2224 if interested.

Service Unit Cookie Trainings
Planning Large Events/Service Unit Camp Outs